Unswerving Hope

Unswerving Hope

Faith is the way we access God’s promises, hope is the means by which we hold onto them. Hope isn’t wishful thinking or trying to see the bright side of things. Hope isn’t just being an optimist about things, thinking positively or longing for things to be a certain way.  Hope is biblical and is rooted in the truth of God.

Hope is a refusal to accept that the present reality is the only possibility. Hope says “no” to the current state and “yes” to God’s possibilities. Hope is defiant; it says, “There is more than this”. Hope means we can rewrite the script that says students regularly go away from God at university – we know the one who gives life to the full. Hope means we can stop the cycle of reoffending – we know the one who brings freedom. Hope means no-one is going to live in food poverty on our watch – we know the one who satisfies. Hope means loneliness is not what anyone should endure – we know the one who places the lonely into families.

Hebrews 6:19 says, “We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure”. Hope is the anchor that roots and fixes us regardless of what comes to knock us off course, regardless of what storm comes to tip us or even tries to capsize us. Hope keeps us firm and secure. Hope is immovable and hope perseveres; Hebrews 10:23 says, “Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for He who promised is faithful”.

When we’re praying for transformation; for breakthrough; for our friends, neighbours, family and colleagues to come into a relationship with the one true God, it is hope that enables us to persist in praying. D.L. Moody apparently carried a list of the names of 100 non-Christians who he would pray for. Over the years, whenever one of them became a Christian, Moody would cross their name off the list. By the time of his death, 96 of those 100 people on Moody’s list had become followers of Jesus and the other 4 gave their lives to Jesus at Moody’s funeral.

God calls us to be a people that persevere and remain steadfast in hope, being firmly anchored regardless of any storm around us. Let’s get anchored and be unswerving in our hope!

By Catherine De Souza

This post is Part 2 of a 3-Part series Daring Faith, Unswerving Hope, Radical Love – which is also the strapline for One Church. Listen to the sermon that inspired the post by clicking here.

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