One Way

270316 - DDS
Dominic De Souza

The resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth from the dead is the ultimate authentication of Jesus’ claim to be God. If Jesus was raised from the dead the implications are immense and a response is required of each one of us.

Drawing on the evidence for the resurrection, this message explores Jesus’ claim to be the Way, the Truth and the Life and also deals with the false logic behind the prevailing view in our culture that all religious paths are equally true.

The Christian hope is not built on the empty promises of a dead religious teacher but on the glorious fact of the resurrection of the Son of God. For those of us who have trusted in Christ, that means we have access to life and freedom on this earth and also a future in heaven that is immeasurably good.

Listen to this message from Easter Sunday (27th April 2016) by clicking here.

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