Just Do It

There’s a dangerous gap that many Christians find themselves caught in: the gap between knowing and doing. Authentic faith requires practical obedience: show me what you do and I’ll show you what you really believe. Ultimately each Christian will stand before the Judgement Seat of Christ to give account for their actions on this earth; … Continue reading Just Do It


Six Miles from Salvation

Economically, socially and culturally the wise men and the shepherds were total opposites. Their response to the birth of Christ, however, was a shared one: worship. They stand in stark contrast to the religious professionals whom Herod summoned. This latter group is the focus of this sermon: it is possible to know a lot - … Continue reading Six Miles from Salvation

The Perfect Gift

This Christmas millions of gifts will be opened. Some won’t fit, some will be the wrong colour, some won’t be what was hoped for, some will need to be returned or exchanged. But there’s one gift that will never wear out or need replacing, a gift that - regardless of culture, age or gender - … Continue reading The Perfect Gift


Being saved does not mean playing it safe. In our increasingly risk-averse culture, we do well to remember that anyone who ever accomplished anything great for God took risks. The life of faith begins by jumping out of the boat – risky, yes, but that’s exactly the place where Jesus is! This message explodes the … Continue reading Risk-Takers

Radical Hospitality

What does it look like to live out radical hospitality? This sermon is packed full of biblical insight and practical guidance as to how we can be a community who opens our hearts, homes and tables to others. Let's reclaim the expectation of an encounter with the living God through our practice of hospitality. Listen … Continue reading Radical Hospitality

A Word & Spirit People

Some churches claim to be more Word-centred and others more Spirit-centred but the choice between study of the Word and pursuit of the Spirit is simply a false dilemma. The only option is “both/and”, not “either/or”. Ultimately theology cannot be avoided; it’s never a question of theology or no theology but good theology or bad … Continue reading A Word & Spirit People

True Spiritual Authority

Many believers, sometimes out of ignorance and sometimes because of poor choices, don’t live in what’s available to them. But Jesus didn’t die so we would live powerless and pitiful lives. In this sermon, Pastor Dominic unpacks biblical principles to equip you to walk out in the supernatural power of God. Listen to this message … Continue reading True Spiritual Authority

Unleashing the Power of Everybody

This sermon reminds us that true spiritual authority is found more in a towel than a title. Pastor Dominic exhorts us from Scripture to be a church of contributors not consumers, participators not spectators – where 100% of the people do 100% of the work. Listen to this message from The Core series on Sunday … Continue reading Unleashing the Power of Everybody