Faithful Stewards

Stewardship is one of the greatest themes of the Bible. The sooner we surrender ownership and take on faithful stewardship the happier we will be. This sermon, which appeals to our attitude to money as the case study, will challenge you to think about what you’ve been doing with what you’ve been given and to … Continue reading Faithful Stewards


Bringing Heaven Down

Revival has more to do with us than we think. And miracles, signs and wonders are not the exception but the norm. In this message, Pastor Dominic unpacks biblical teaching about bringing the kingdom of heaven to every sphere of our world. Listen to this message from The Core series on 18th October 2015 by … Continue reading Bringing Heaven Down

Where Faith and Life Meet

God doesn't want us to be just "Sunday Christians" but to integrate our faith in Christ into every sphere of life. Over and against the so-called sacred-secular divide, this sermon reminds us that true Christianity is a worldview that should inform every area of our existence. Listen to this message from The Core series on … Continue reading Where Faith and Life Meet

Casting Shadows

The apostle Peter walked in such a zone of glory that even his shadow became a powerful instrument of healing. Every Spirit-filled Christian has the potential to cast a far-reaching spiritual shadow too. On this his first official Sunday as Senior Leader of tlcNorwich*, Pastor Dominic exhorts us to be so filled with God that … Continue reading Casting Shadows

Finishing Strong

What ultimately matters is not how you start but how you finish. But finishing well does not happen by accident. It requires one taking the time to think about the legacy they want to leave and then shaping that legacy today. Ahead of becoming Senior Leader of tlcNorwich* in September 2015, Pastor Dominic speaks about … Continue reading Finishing Strong