The First Christmas Carol

When God sent angelic messengers to sing the first ever Christmas carol and herald the birth of Jesus, He sent them to a group of disenfranchised and despised shepherds. In that one act God was making known some very important truths about Jesus and giving us some wonderful insights into the real meaning of Christmas. … Continue reading The First Christmas Carol


What Are You Expecting This Christmas?

This sermon challenges us to think about what we’re expecting this Christmas. Amidst the celebrations of Christmas the expectation of Jesus can get lost. The incredible birth of Jesus into the world changes what we can expect. The wonder of Christmas means we can expect true transformation, in our hearts and in our lives; we … Continue reading What Are You Expecting This Christmas?

God’s Family Tree

All too often people skip over the genealogy of Matthew 1 in an effort to get to the action of the Christmas story. But when properly understood, this genealogy beautifully captures the true spirit of Christmas and the heart of God in sending Jesus that very first Christmas. Looking at some unlikely characters such as … Continue reading God’s Family Tree

The Thanksgiving Telescope

It’s so easy to magnify our problems but this can end up easily discouraging us. When we learn to magnify God through thanksgiving, we begin to see Him as He really is, we remember how great and good He is and we recall how powerful He is to do what he said He would do. … Continue reading The Thanksgiving Telescope

The Problem with Complaining

Complaining is a problem: it keeps us stuck in situations rather than having a hope for change; it affects the people around us and ultimately it blocks our relationship with God. If we take our eyes off our problems and instead fix them on the problem-solver, God is able to break the power of complaining … Continue reading The Problem with Complaining


The Bible speaks often about building memorials around significant spiritual events; these help to build faith for today and hope for tomorrow and enable us to keep the faith alive as we teach future generations about what God has done. This sermon reminds us about the importance of having our own memorial stones - not physical monuments … Continue reading Remember

Renewing Culture

We are called to be salt and light in the world, playing our part in transforming and renewing the culture around us. Taking our inspiration from Jesus, who was radical in His challenge and renewal of the culture of His day, we can engage with and understand culture, seeking not to critique from a distance … Continue reading Renewing Culture

Soaring to New Heights

Eagles do not fly like other birds, flapping their wings profusely and using their own strength. Instead, the eagle spreads its wings and the wind carries the eagle soaring through the sky. Just as it is with the eagle, we need to learn to spread our wings of faith and ride the heavenly winds of … Continue reading Soaring to New Heights