Act Justly; Love Mercy – Rethinking Prisons: A Christian Response

Historically in this country attitudes to prisons can often be summed up as “out of sight, out of mind”, with many people taking the approach that crime should be dealt with swiftly and those responsible safely locked away. But as Christians we need to engage with the criminal justice system and respond to those caught... Continue Reading →

Radical Love

The word Paul uses in 1 Corinthians 13 for love is “agape”. Agape means “unconditional love”; it describes the love God has for us and the love that we can have for Him and each other. Agape love gives value by the very act of loving; it’s not a reward for the value of something... Continue Reading →

Unswerving Hope

Faith is the way we access God’s promises, hope is the means by which we hold onto them. Hope isn't wishful thinking or trying to see the bright side of things. Hope isn’t just being an optimist about things, thinking positively or longing for things to be a certain way.  Hope is biblical and is... Continue Reading →

Daring Faith

We often hear the phrase “blind faith” because for a lot of people seeing is believing, so if you haven’t seen something or if it hasn’t already happened then your only option is guesswork, as there’s no physical evidence for it. Biblical faith is completely different. Biblical faith isn’t blind or guesswork; it is based... Continue Reading →

Fully Human

Last week BBC’s Panorama programme exposed the shocking abuse alleged to have taken place at G4S-run young people’s prison, Medway Secure Training Centre.  The abuse of boys that was alleged in the programme included excessive force in restraint, pressing forcibly on a child’s windpipe, humiliation and bullying.  It was extremely upsetting to watch vulnerable boys... Continue Reading →

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