Pentecost Foreshadowings

The Day of Pentecost changed everything! Acts 2 records the moment when suddenly those fearful disciples hiding in that upper room in Jerusalem were transformed into unstoppable and anointed mouthpieces for God. Some unusual things took place that first Pentecost: a mighty sound from heaven, the appearance of what seemed like tongues of fire and the... Continue Reading →


If you’re a believer you’re also a minister - and the Holy Spirit wants to enable, empower, energise and equip you to perform your ministry. This sermon lays down foundational teaching about the gifts of the Spirit. The Holy Spirit is not an optional extra; we are a dead church without the life and anointing of... Continue Reading →


Far too many Christians are living powerless lives. But there is an experience subsequent to salvation, the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, that God desires for you to receive and enjoy. God doesn’t want to give you just enough anointing so you can experience only personal breakthrough; He wants you to be so full of... Continue Reading →

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