Because He Lives

Without the resurrection of Jesus there is no salvation and there is no hope - but because He lives, we can truly live too, both now and forevermore. Discover why we can have confidence in the historicity of the biblical claims about Jesus rising from the dead and learn about the profound implications of the … Continue reading Because He Lives


The Evidence for the Resurrection

"I'm a Christian not despite the evidence; I'm a Christian because of the evidence". Pastor Dominic presents five lines of compelling evidence that build a cumulative case for the resurrection of Jesus and explains what this means for us today. Click here to watch now.

The Horizontal Dimension

Relationship is at the heart of what it means to be a Christian. Sometimes we can think that Christianity is only about a personal relationship with Jesus - but nowhere does the Bible describe this as exclusively private. In fact, God calls us to be in deep and meaningful relationship not just with Himself but also … Continue reading The Horizontal Dimension

Expect Challenges

This is a time in which the UK Church is faced with amazing opportunities but also unprecedented challenges and opposition as we swim against the tide of the prevailing culture. How can we overcome the hurdles before us? In our increasingly diverse and seemingly post-Christendom context, this message - aimed at church leaders - will equip … Continue reading Expect Challenges

Where Faith and Life Meet

God doesn't want us to be just "Sunday Christians" but to integrate our faith in Christ into every sphere of life. Over and against the so-called sacred-secular divide, this sermon reminds us that true Christianity is a worldview that should inform every area of our existence. Listen to this message from The Core series on … Continue reading Where Faith and Life Meet