O Little Town of Bethlehem

The popular carol ‘O Little Town of Bethlehem’ offers a beautiful window into the Christmas story and is packed full of biblical truth and inspiration. This sermon highlights the meaning behind some of the most poignant lyrics, enabling you to sing the song again with fresh fervour. insight and appreciation. Listen to this sermon from … Continue reading O Little Town of Bethlehem


Christmas Has Come! Winter Meets Its Death!

When we first encounter it, C.S. Lewis’ magical land of Narnia is in the grip of the White Witch. She opposes Aslan and all that is good and has cast a spell on Narnia so that it is always winter but never Christmas. For me, winters can be long and cold but at least the … Continue reading Christmas Has Come! Winter Meets Its Death!

Waiting for Christmas: Simeon & Anna

There is much we can learn from Simeon and Anna, two elderly figures who - even in the face of contrary circumstances - were full of expectation and faith about God breaking into the world. Their Luke 2 encounter with Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus in the temple teaches us much about the identity of … Continue reading Waiting for Christmas: Simeon & Anna

God With Us: Immanuel

When our sins and brokenness made it impossible to come to Him, God came to us in the person of Jesus. This sermon from our Candlelight Carol Service looks at Jesus through the lens of His prophetic name 'Immanuel'. Shedding light on the beautiful truth of the incarnation, you will discover just exactly what it … Continue reading God With Us: Immanuel

A Tale of Two Kings: Herod & Jesus

The comparison of Herod and Jesus shows us that we create a lasting legacy through self-sacrifice and servanthood, not through self-glorification or the pursuit of earthly honour. Appreciate afresh the kingship of Jesus as He is contrasted with the wicked king Herod. Listen to this sermon from our The Who's Who of Christmas series on … Continue reading A Tale of Two Kings: Herod & Jesus

The First Christmas Carol

When God sent angelic messengers to sing the first ever Christmas carol and herald the birth of Jesus, He sent them to a group of disenfranchised and despised shepherds. In that one act God was making known some very important truths about Jesus and giving us some wonderful insights into the real meaning of Christmas. … Continue reading The First Christmas Carol

What Are You Expecting This Christmas?

This sermon challenges us to think about what we’re expecting this Christmas. Amidst the celebrations of Christmas the expectation of Jesus can get lost. The incredible birth of Jesus into the world changes what we can expect. The wonder of Christmas means we can expect true transformation, in our hearts and in our lives; we … Continue reading What Are You Expecting This Christmas?

God’s Family Tree

All too often people skip over the genealogy of Matthew 1 in an effort to get to the action of the Christmas story. But when properly understood, this genealogy beautifully captures the true spirit of Christmas and the heart of God in sending Jesus that very first Christmas. Looking at some unlikely characters such as … Continue reading God’s Family Tree

The Perfect Gift

This Christmas millions of gifts will be opened. Some won’t fit, some will be the wrong colour, some won’t be what was hoped for, some will need to be returned or exchanged. But there’s one gift that will never wear out or need replacing, a gift that - regardless of culture, age or gender - … Continue reading The Perfect Gift