Possessing the Promises

This inspirational prophetic message to the church is the last sermon by Pastors Dominic & Catherine De Souza in the capacity as Senior Leaders of One Church. We are reminded that God has spoken some amazing promises over us but that, though these are within our grasp, they won’t be fulfilled automatically. Learn how to … Continue reading Possessing the Promises


Continuing What Jesus Began

On the occasion of the second anniversary of One Church, this sermon goes back to the book of Acts and reminds us that God desires to do today all the things He did in the beginning! In fact as the Church of today we are called to continue the ministry of Jesus Christ in this … Continue reading Continuing What Jesus Began

Act Justly; Love Mercy – Rethinking Prisons: A Christian Response

Historically in this country attitudes to prisons can often be summed up as “out of sight, out of mind”, with many people taking the approach that crime should be dealt with swiftly and those responsible safely locked away. But as Christians we need to engage with the criminal justice system and respond to those caught … Continue reading Act Justly; Love Mercy – Rethinking Prisons: A Christian Response

The Church Has Left the Building

The earliest Christians experienced explosive growth without owning church buildings, yet so often today we cling to church buildings as if they are the essence of church. This sermon, delivered on the occasion of One Church's last public meeting in Drayton Hall, puts to rest some of the false thinking surrounding what makes a church a church. … Continue reading The Church Has Left the Building

The Horizontal Dimension

Relationship is at the heart of what it means to be a Christian. Sometimes we can think that Christianity is only about a personal relationship with Jesus - but nowhere does the Bible describe this as exclusively private. In fact, God calls us to be in deep and meaningful relationship not just with Himself but also … Continue reading The Horizontal Dimension