Blessed Are the Merciful

Although there is freedom in Christ, the unmerciful Christian is unable to walk in the full experience of this. This sermon exhorts us to examine our hearts and our actions so that mercy pervades our daily lives and we can receive the new mercies of God every morning. You will see that the biblical language for... Continue Reading →

Blessed Are Those Who Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness

All of us are involved in a quest for fulfilment; in the fourth beatitude Jesus shows that true fulfilment is to be found in hungering and thirsting after righteousness. This sermon shows that this means desiring to live free from the power of sin and to walk right with God. You will learn how to... Continue Reading →

Blessed Are the Meek

In a world which often applauds might being right, Jesus says that it is actually meekness that pays dividends with God. In this message we open up the third beatitude by sketching a biblical portrait of meekness; we deal with misconceptions as to what it means to be meek and learn that meekness is not... Continue Reading →

Cultivating Your Heart for a Spiritual Harvest (The Parable of the Four Soils)

The parable of the four soils reveals that the Word of God doesn't operate mechanically or inevitably. Two people can hear exactly the same message: one can have their life changed yet the other can remain unmoved. The ultimate reason for this is explained in this all-important parable; Jesus teaches us how the conditions of our... Continue Reading →

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