Peeled: What’s Under Your Skin?

We live in a culture obsessed with outward appearance but God is more interested in what's under our skin. As Christians we should be growing in the fruit of the Spirit, the 9 traits that reflect the character of Jesus. Cultivating the fruit of the Spirit is essential to us becoming more and more like... Continue Reading →

Prospering in a Time of Famine

When famine struck the land in which he was living, Isaac faced a choice: to go down to Egypt where there were greener pastures or to choose to trust in God's word to him, even though it didn't seem to make sense in the natural. It was a matter of life and death but Isaac made... Continue Reading →

The Babies Are Coming

The spirit of barrenness is a spirit of stagnation and limitation that wants you to remain where you are and stop you from progressing into God's best for your life. But a survey of the Bible shows that even in our barrenness God can bring life to what has become stagnant - and we discover that... Continue Reading →

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