The Now and the Not Yet

To what extent can we expect God to heal our bodies today? Addressing some of the excessive and erroneous ideas circulating about healing in contemporary circles, this sermon provides a robust and balanced theology of healing based on what the Bible teaches about the kingdom of God being simultaneously present and future. Our hope is … Continue reading The Now and the Not Yet


The Significance of the Small Beginning

In our culture of instant gratification we often expect the glorious and the grand straight away, failing to recognise that God often has the habit of starting the great and big things through the seemingly ordinary and insignificant things. This inspirational New Year's Eve sermon - which contains a rhema word for One Church in 2018 … Continue reading The Significance of the Small Beginning

God’s Family Tree

All too often people skip over the genealogy of Matthew 1 in an effort to get to the action of the Christmas story. But when properly understood, this genealogy beautifully captures the true spirit of Christmas and the heart of God in sending Jesus that very first Christmas. Looking at some unlikely characters such as … Continue reading God’s Family Tree

Daring Faith

We often hear the phrase “blind faith” because for a lot of people seeing is believing, so if you haven’t seen something or if it hasn’t already happened then your only option is guesswork, as there’s no physical evidence for it. Biblical faith is completely different. Biblical faith isn’t blind or guesswork; it is based … Continue reading Daring Faith

We’re Not Touching the Same Elephant!

It’s quite popular today to claim that all religious paths lead to the same destination – that when Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and others pray to their god(s), they’re actually praying to the same god(s). I once heard it put like this: imagine a scenario where there are three blind men touching an … Continue reading We’re Not Touching the Same Elephant!

When Relativism is Simply Inadequate

Relativism maintains that each person decides for themselves what is true; truth is subjective and relative to the individual. According to this view one person can say, “There is a God”, and his best friend could say, “There is no God”, and both statements will be true, so long as they accurately express the sincere … Continue reading When Relativism is Simply Inadequate

Is Religious Truth Universal or Personal?

Very broadly speaking, there are two types of truth in the world: 1/ subjective (or relative) truth 2/ objective (or absolute) truth. Let me illustrate the difference. Consider the statement: “Liverpool is the best football team in the world”. Now, as much as I may personally hold to this statement (and would like everyone to … Continue reading Is Religious Truth Universal or Personal?