Jesus’ Manifesto

We are called to do justice in the anointing and empowering of the Holy Spirit. We are called to demonstrate the total transformation that Jesus declared: freedom for the prisoners, recovery of sight for the blind and the oppressed to be set free. Taking insights from Jesus’ manifesto in Luke 4, this sermon looks at … Continue reading Jesus’ Manifesto


When God Hates Our Worship

This sermon is a call to true worship and shows how we love God by also loving people. Drawing on lessons from the Old Testament book of Amos, we see that if our religion is not connected with real, practical concern for the poor, downtrodden, marginalised and forgotten, then it is valueless in God’s sight. … Continue reading When God Hates Our Worship

Who Is My Neighbour?

Although most people are familiar with the story of the Good Samaritan, all too often we’ve sanitised Jesus’ message in it, which results in us missing just how challenging the call to love our neighbour as ourselves is. The Good Samaritan isn’t a story about the kindness of strangers; it’s a radical redefinition of the word … Continue reading Who Is My Neighbour?

Act Justly; Love Mercy – Rethinking Prisons: A Christian Response

Historically in this country attitudes to prisons can often be summed up as “out of sight, out of mind”, with many people taking the approach that crime should be dealt with swiftly and those responsible safely locked away. But as Christians we need to engage with the criminal justice system and respond to those caught … Continue reading Act Justly; Love Mercy – Rethinking Prisons: A Christian Response

Fully Human

Last week BBC’s Panorama programme exposed the shocking abuse alleged to have taken place at G4S-run young people’s prison, Medway Secure Training Centre.  The abuse of boys that was alleged in the programme included excessive force in restraint, pressing forcibly on a child’s windpipe, humiliation and bullying.  It was extremely upsetting to watch vulnerable boys … Continue reading Fully Human