Dare to Be Like Deborah

The spiritual mother and bold leader Deborah, who we learn about in Judges chapters 4 and 5, has much to teach us. This Mother’s Day 2019 sermon challenges us to dare to have wisdom, courage and passion like Deborah; it explores how our lives and the lives of those around us could be impacted and... Continue Reading →

A Mother From Zarephath

Faith begins when you trust God’s promise enough to obey His commands, despite what you see with your natural eye. When the widow of Zarephath was at her lowest point, a simple act of faith changed absolutely everything; her response of obedience to God's Word resulted in blessing flowing into her life in unexpected ways. This... Continue Reading →

There’s Something About Mary

In our anxiousness to separate ourselves from undue veneration of Mary, at times Protestant Christians have been guilty of relegating Mary to a place of virtual insignificance. But there was something about Mary which caught God’s attention. What was it about Mary that, of all the women in the world at that time, God chose... Continue Reading →

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