Possessing the Promises

This inspirational prophetic message to the church is the last sermon by Pastors Dominic & Catherine De Souza in the capacity as Senior Leaders of One Church. We are reminded that God has spoken some amazing promises over us but that, though these are within our grasp, they won’t be fulfilled automatically. Learn how to... Continue Reading →

Taking Jesus at His Word

Even before we’ve seen a sign we can put our faith in Jesus, knowing that He is who He says He is and He does what He says He will do. If you’re currently on the journey between hearing the word and seeing the sign, know that you can take Jesus at His word. Listen... Continue Reading →

Crossing Over

At one point or another every church in every generation comes to a crossroads - a moment - at which they need to decide whether or not they will enter into God’s destiny for them. At this key time in our journey, this Vision Sunday sermon is an inspiring, rallying call to One Church not to miss our... Continue Reading →

How Is Your Heart?

When the Bible speaks of the heart, it’s not primarily talking about the organ that pumps blood to the rest of the body. Rather, it’s talking about the essence of our being - who we really are. This sermon addresses the condition of your spiritual heart; as the command centre of your life, a healthy heart is... Continue Reading →

Understanding Water Baptism

With the exception of the thief on the cross, and that simply because he died moments after putting his trust in Christ, you won’t find an unbaptised believer in the New Testament. Yet many today have watered down water baptism and made it a whole lot less important than it was to Jesus and the... Continue Reading →

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