Be Faithful With What You Have (The Parable of the Talents)

A key question for the disciple of Christ is not "how much have I been given?" but "what am I doing with what I've been given?". Life is a gift from God; what we do with it is our gift to Him - and ultimately we will give an account to Him for our faithfulness,... Continue Reading →

Destined: Setting Godly Goals to Fulfil Your Life Purpose

Many of us are passive spectators in life, watching our lives unfold a day at a time and just waiting to see where life takes us. But God calls us to live by design, not by default. This teaching is filled with inspiring, practical, easy to apply content that will help you live your life on... Continue Reading →

We Are One

On the occasion of our one year anniversary since replanting as One Church, this sermon shows the beauty and power of the local church when she is working right. Unpacking Jesus' prayer for oneness in John 17, you will discover afresh the tremendous capacity of the Church to utterly transform lives and culture. As you... Continue Reading →

Soaring to New Heights

Eagles do not fly like other birds, flapping their wings profusely and using their own strength. Instead, the eagle spreads its wings and the wind carries the eagle soaring through the sky. Just as it is with the eagle, we need to learn to spread our wings of faith and ride the heavenly winds of... Continue Reading →

Living Your Life on Purpose

True joy, value and fulfilment is found in discovering God’s vision for your life. This sermon will anchor you in God's purposes for your life and encourage you to live life like you mean it. Listen to this message from The Core series on Sunday 4th October 2015 by clicking here.

Finishing Strong

What ultimately matters is not how you start but how you finish. But finishing well does not happen by accident. It requires one taking the time to think about the legacy they want to leave and then shaping that legacy today. Ahead of becoming Senior Leader of tlcNorwich* in September 2015, Pastor Dominic speaks about... Continue Reading →

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