Spiritual Renewal

The book of Nehemiah tells not only how the walls of Jerusalem were rebuilt but also how the people of God were rebuilt. It is a book about the causes and effects of revival. Revival actually depends a lot more on us than we often think and a lot less on God than we often... Continue Reading →

Spring Up, O Well

The wells of our spiritual fathers and mothers need to be reopened in this generation; the fact is that many have never drunk of the wells of which they drank. This sermon reminds us that the destiny of the church is not wrapped up only in the new but also in the ancient paths –... Continue Reading →

Bringing Heaven Down

Revival has more to do with us than we think. And miracles, signs and wonders are not the exception but the norm. In this message, Pastor Dominic unpacks biblical teaching about bringing the kingdom of heaven to every sphere of our world. Listen to this message from The Core series on 18th October 2015 by... Continue Reading →

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