Crossing Over

At one point or another every church in every generation comes to a crossroads - a moment - at which they need to decide whether or not they will enter into God’s destiny for them. At this key time in our journey, this Vision Sunday sermon is an inspiring, rallying call to One Church not to miss our... Continue Reading →

Soaring to New Heights

Eagles do not fly like other birds, flapping their wings profusely and using their own strength. Instead, the eagle spreads its wings and the wind carries the eagle soaring through the sky. Just as it is with the eagle, we need to learn to spread our wings of faith and ride the heavenly winds of... Continue Reading →

Taking New Ground

God doesn't just move us physically to new ground but calls us to take new ground spiritually - in our lives, in our community and in our city. Using lessons from the book of Joshua, this sermon inspires us to be strong and courageous; to consecrate ourselves to God; to step out in faith and... Continue Reading →

A New Thing

At times we can’t see the new thing that God is doing because we have become blinded by the past. That’s why we need to change our perspective – for God is far more interested in our future than He is in our past. You may feel like your past has turned your life into... Continue Reading →

Living Your Life on Purpose

True joy, value and fulfilment is found in discovering God’s vision for your life. This sermon will anchor you in God's purposes for your life and encourage you to live life like you mean it. Listen to this message from The Core series on Sunday 4th October 2015 by clicking here.

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